www.graphic.com.gh/Mirror Redesign

Hello there! My name is Abigail Esi Nunoo and I’m 21 years of age. I’m currently a graduate of KNUST with a Bachelor degree in Communication Design (Graphic design). I have been modelling for three years, specifically fashion and editorial. I have great interest in commercial/print, beauty, hair, fitness and runway shows as well (though I do not have much experience in run way shows). I love art, food and fitness! My aspiration is to be a competent graphic designer, an international freelance model and a brand ambassador for any company in the production of hair products specifically for natural hair especially in Ghana. My hair is natural but can be manipulated to suit various themes without altering its natural state due to its soft and curly nature. My measurements are as follows: height – 5’6”, bust – 34, waist – 24, hips – 38 and shoe size – 39/40.

You can contact me through email: esiduma@gmail.com or follow me on Instagram @esiduma.

** I DO NOT do nude. Pictures should be sent via email for a high resolution and preferably before they are uploaded on social media. **


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