The Marcus Chapter


Sometimes in our lives we get on rides knowing we could get hurt. The risk and fun mixed in the right doses going round and round in our heads. I got off the bus at my stop. The wind blew dust in my face as I walked towards the tiny gate of one of the university’s many entrances. The sun was really out and scorching. Who had said wearing perfectly good clothes and walking under the sun was ridiculous? Marcus had. I kind of wanted to side with him now. Taking out a face towel from my hand bag, I wiped the dust off my face taking care not to smudge my lipstick or go over my eyebrows. I was halfway through the gate when I heard loud music which seemed to be coming from a few meters from where I was. It was a little surprising because the noise from the vehicles that used this route usually overshadowed any sound coming from the university campus. I pondered over it for a little while before I remembered it was hall week celebration season. One of the halls must be having theirs, I thought to myself.

I hoped Marcus’ balcony would face the direction of the music and tents that were up showcasing a variety of items from beads to handmade slippers. He had been a tad surprised when I called him up that morning to tell him I would be visiting. There was a hint of happiness in his voice and I suspected he had smiled before picking up the phone. I was happy I was going to see him. It had been almost seven years since we last met though we occasionally spoke on the phone especially on our birthdays. It was surprising how we could still connect after our history. I smiled to myself.

I walked past a group of students who were huddled closely apparently looking at something on an iPod. Most of the girls I came across were spotting tiny shorts. I found myself looking and mentally trying to judge whose fit better or who had the better pair of legs. This was a common fad in most of the universities in the country. Even in my hostel back in my own school almost every girl had at least a pair of those shorts. The guys had even given a name to it; Evandi shorts. Evandi is the name of my hostel by the way. I had a couple of pairs myself.

But I disliked one thing about Evandi shorts. Everybody wore them. From slim girls with very slender legs and those with a nice behind who wanted to flaunt them to the girls with stretch marks on very dark skin. Anytime my roomie saw the stretch marks kind she would pass a funny comment. One of my personal favorites is when she smiles at them and says ‘nice tattoos’ under her breath. That joke always cracked me up. Why couldn’t people understand some things were just not meant for them?

So far the ladies I had come across in Legon looked gorgeous in them. Hall week season indeed. I was also making mental notes of which kinds of the shorts I needed to add to my collection and which needed to take a trip the trash can. There was one thing I loved about this campus amongst other things. Your guess is as good as mine. The guys! They were absolutely hot and fantastic. Which one I would love to date, mmm, it would be a very close call. This triggered something in my memory. Steve Harvey once said the only way a woman could be truly be completely satisfied was to get four different kinds of men for herself. An old guy, an ugly one, a Mandingo kind of guy and a gay one. According to him the four of them combined will get us covered.

The old guy would sit around the house with us, spend his pension check, hug and comfort us and wouldn’t demand sex from us because he would have trouble giving it us anyway. From this guy, a woman got financial security. With the ugly one, he wouldn’t mind going through hell to help us out. He would be more than glad to run errands for us, wash our cars, help out with our assignments, anything at all we required. This kind of guy would be willing to be providing these because he’s just happy someone as beautiful as us would be paying him that much attention. From him we get ‘me time’. With all the work he did for us we had all the time in the world to ourselves.

And then there’s the Mandingo guy. I think we already know what we get from this man. He’s six foot, averagely smart, can barely hold a good conversation and has muscles popping out of all the way from his eyebrows to his pinkie toe and we know he’s going to put our back out. That’s what we want from him and he makes sure he gives it to us real good. Mind-blowing sex. And the last kind of guy we need, the gay guy. This guy would go shopping with us and wouldn’t want anything from us but hot gossip and details about what the old guy bought you at the Chanel shop, which errands we sent the ugly guy to take care of and exactly how the Mandingo had you doing monkey flips for a week. The gay guy would give us all the conversation we needed and make us smile.

I had dated a Mandingo before, an averagely good looking guy too (I wouldn’t classify them as ugly), but not an old one or a gay one. Although now that I think of it, one of the guys I had previously dated showed some gay attributes. I could see how Steve may have a point.

A loud cheer came from my left and I turned to look. There was a car wash going on a basketball court. Really cute ladies were dancing to hip songs while washing cars. One lady had on a wet white crop top which hugged her beloved juiced up oranges. And she was sporting Evandy shorts just like the rest of her charade. The guys had on brightly colored flowery beach shorts showcasing their muscles and six pack chests. The scene was amazing. There was no way my university campus cold top that, unless of course it was during republic hall week celebration. But then my hostel was about launching it’s week celebration and for the first time, it featured a car wash. Who knows if Evandy could live up to the hype.

My thoughts were interrupted as a group of kids came running towards my direction. I looked behind me to see if I was their target. Oh dear me, I didn’t have smaller notes on me. My last change had been spent on my bus fare. One of them bumped into me and I almost dropped my bag trying to prevent her from falling. Half of them were holding gospel tracts while the others each held a card of some sort. I took one of the tracts and tried moving away from them.

The little girl I had helped up took hold my hand and politely asked me help her out with the card. She smiled sweetly up at me making me feel a little uncomfortable. I took the card and read the information printed on it. It was to raise funds to help the bearer go for a camping trip at the Boti falls. I had been there when I was about eight years old and I still remember all the fun I had. I told her to tag along till I could get some change. Her whole group followed me to the nearest vendor. I felt ridiculous having this tiny group trailing behind me. It felt as though I was a museum guide or something. I bought a can of coca cola and split a ten Ghana cedi note amongst them. Everyone could go camping now. They ran off full of giggles and I felt myself smile as I dropped the can into my bag.

I looked around me. I was getting nearer to Marcus’ block and could feel my heartbeat beat faster. I hadn’t seen him in a while and if my memory served me right my heart would melt at the sight of him. It’s been a couple of years perhaps he had grown fat or developed a lot of pimpled face. There was a part of me that wished that wasn’t true so I could jump his bones and the other part wished it was exactly so to prevent anything inappropriate from happening between us. I was crushing on someone else for God’s sake. The risky aspect of the ride was telling me I was single and didn’t have to answer to anyone while the mellow fun part was asking me what Anima would do. Anima liked to have risky fun was the only answer I could come up with so maybe I should listen both voices.

The entrance to Marcus’ building came into as I rounded a curve. I called him on my cell phone to let him know I was in front of the building. He told me to wait for him at the porter’s lodge and he would come and get me. I made my way inside and passed two guys in the doorway who smiled at me. I looked around to see if there was a place I could sit as I waited. There were a few plastic chairs on the right side the porter’s lodge. I took a seat and decided to check my messages to while away time and partly to prevent looking uncomfortable. I was about replying a text from my kid brother when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I lifted my head to find a masculine face looking at me and smiling. I had a feeling I knew this guy. I hesitated a few seconds before standing up I said in excitement and hugging him, ‘Ebo, is that really you?’

“Yeah. It’s me alright. You haven’t changed much”, he said with a smile showing off his dimples.

He looked me over and added, “Yep, still as cute as ever. Just more mature looking and in tiny shoes”.

I laughed and remarked that his sense of humor was also still intact. He asked if I was there for their hall week celebration and I told it was just a happy coincidence and that I was only there to see some friends.

“Well, how about we exchange contacts and you can call me if you decide to stay for the evening?”

‘That sounds great’, I answered.

He couldn’t get over the fact that I was looking stunning and wouldn’t stop mentioning it. He took my left palm into his right one and spun me around to get a full 360 kind of look. I was grinning at this gesture when out of the corner of my eye I saw a human version of Barbie’s boyfriend descending the nearest stairs. From the looks of him I guessed he would be an athlete and with a stunning height of about six two, a basketball player most definitely. His muscles were popping out of his polo shirt and I couldn’t help but imagine a tight ass in his blue jeans and the long legs that went with it. I glanced up at his face to see a well groomed Trey Songz face with a Jason Derulo beard and twinkling eyes of Morris Chestnut. But the strides were with an African kind of swag, probably Chris Attoh. I wondered how such a look existed in this country. I marveled at how in the seconds that Ebo spun me around I could capture all that.

“Oh, and one more thing. Your legs. My, they look great ad not the bird ones I remember you having” he burst into laughter at his own joke. I tried to join in the laughter but basketball player was closing in on us. Instead all I could manage was a nervous chuckle.

Ebo then mentioned a friend was waiting for him at the main entrance of the school and had to rush to pick him up. We hugged our byes and I walked steadily to my seat. Someone seemed to calling out my name but I thought it was all in my head. Finally it sounded too close to be in my subconscious. I whirled to find Marcus a few feet away from me smiling at me. OMG! Am sure my expression would’ve looked like that of Kevin Hart when he heard a bad joke. Yeah, your guess is as good as mine. Marcus was Barbie boy. I could feel my stomach doing flip flops.

Shaking myself back to earth, I slid my purse over my shoulder and walked towards him. For the second time that day I was getting hugged by a good looking guy. I was loving the campus more and more with every passing second. Our hug was a bit awkward as we were complete opposites in heights. I was petite and he was well, you know. He was saying something about it being a pleasant surprise coming to pay him a visit and some whole other stuff but I could hardly pay attention. He had definitely not grown fat over the years. I couldn’t tell if that was good thing at that particular moment.

The next thing I knew I was climbing up the stairs with him showing the way. We stopped on the second floor and he took a turn to his right. We walked down the hallway for a couple of feet with me trailing a little behind so I could get all the view I wanted before I lost the opportunity. I bumped into him suddenly and I realized he had stopped. I looked up sheepishly at him. He smiled and turned the key he had inserted in the lock.

‘After you miss’, he said.

I giggled and stepped inside. The room had a welcoming atmosphere. There were two beds in the room, both laid but one looked made with extra attention. It has wine colored sheets and matching pillowcases with a pink and white flowery blanket. A laptop was turned on by this bed but that wasn’t how I knew that was his bed. He had always been that kind of guy. I used hear it a lot from the boys in my class when we were in boarding school in junior secondary school. The walls were a slight darker shade of red with zebra patterned curtains. The wardrobes were opposite the direction of the beds and a flat screen television in the corner by the wardrobe. The rug matched the color of the wall. A low walled partition separated the kitchen from the main room with the washroom facing the kitchen which led to the balcony. The air condition was mounted from that direction. It was impressive.

‘I must agree with friend from downstairs, your legs are amazing. Mmm Anima, very slender’, he paused as I turned to face him. ‘But what he missed were your thighs and the cushions.’

Ah, so he had also been checking me out. Great. Sneaky a bit but felt great. I had feeling he wasn’t done so I held my tongue while holding his gaze.

‘That skirt is working well. It’s showing just a bit of flesh while leaving some to the imagination.’

I was wearing a purple flair skirt with black patterns with the length a slight way up my knee showing off a small portion of my fair thighs. A cream silky blouse with a black color was tucked into the skirt and topped with a cream flat pair of Steve Madden shoes. Looking down at the shoes I fixed one of my winning smiles on my lips and slowly lifted my head back to the face staring appreciatively at me. He nodded towards me and I interpreted as for me to get myself comfortable. I walked towards the bed and sat down stroking the soft blanket. I didn’t want to give the impression I was nervous. I slid the purse onto the floor as Marcus drew a chair beside the bed and sat facing me. It was close. Taking in deep breaths I started reciting my mantra in head to calm myself down.

He inquired about my journey to his room, what I would like to drink and all the pleasantries that went with losing touch with a dear one. He brought me a sachet of water on a tray with a mug, poured he water halfway into the mug ad handed it over graciously. Year of the gentleman indeed. I gulped down some and placed the tray on the table by the laptop. We talked about funny incidents that occurred during our junior high days and I was glad we were at that point where we could laugh at the then awkward moments.

His eyes scanned my face and darted to my eyebrows. He drew several inches closer and clapped my palms in his turning them over and over. Oh damn. This wasn’t good. Actually, it felt pretty good. Marcus should have grown fat. Or chemistry was still very much alive. I sucked my bottom lip in and withdrew my right palm. For a couple of minutes we just sat down looking into each other’s face. Come on, think fast! I rebuked myself. Say something smart else there’s going to be a kiss after five minutes of your entering the room. And you want to play things cool. I heard voices coming from down the hallway and hoped to God their destination was this chemistry filled room. My village gods may have heard my plight because a knock sounded on the door. He raised an eyebrow and asked to be excused. I nodded. Soon as his back was turned I swallowed the saliva that had fast gathered in my mouth and the knot that had been threatening to form in my throat. I needed to get real. I wanted him, he wanted me. There wasn’t any reason we couldn’t just have physical ‘contact’. We were both adults. When he gets back to me, am going to kiss him. I told myself.

The conversation outside seemed to be taking a while giving me ample time to rehearse my scenes in my head. From the sounds of the handshakes outside I knew I had a few moments left. Marcus shut the door and apologized as he walked towards me. By then, I wanted to appear relaxed so I lay on his bed minus my shoes. I tapped the pillow next to me and he dropped down beside me. Taking his hands and forming a weave with mine, I caressed the strands of hair on his wrist and whispered, ‘What was your most embarrassing moment with me way back?’ I think my question surprised him a little bit but so was i? I had had completely different question in mind. Am such a big ‘willow’ when it comes to expressing my feelings. You know, a willow, that thing that sometimes is used to call a cat? Or a lady part? Which is funny because am a female and I definitely have a ‘cat’.

‘Well, you remember the time I got hurt playing basketball and you rushed over with warm water and first aid to treat my leg?’ he asked.

‘Yeah, I do. What about it?’

‘When you applied pressure on the sore, it hurt really badly and I let you see that. But when the guys came around to check on me, I had to be macho so I pretended not to flinch when you treated it.’ He said smiling shyly.

I burst into laughter as I remembered that moment. ‘I knew you were faking it. But I wasn’t completely sure if it was really hurting or you just wanted me to pamper you, awww’. I told him giving him a puppy face. He tickled my sides and I grabbed my pillow and hit him with it. It soon turned into a pillow fight which ended up with him getting a bit sweaty despite the air condition. He took his shirt off and I had to swallow my saliva. I dropped onto the floor and started picking up the feathers to put back into the pillows. He picked up the pillows and poured the remaining feathers from them onto the floor. I wasn’t sure if he wanted to start a new game. Boy, was I right.

He knelt down close to me and drew a stray strand of hair from my face. Tilting my chin upwards and placing his left hand on my waist, he took my lower lip with his and gently parted the top and bottom lip with his tongue. He lingered a little and press my body close to his. By this time I wasn’t sure what was happening. All I knew was the seven minutes in heaven I had with in junior secondary school was about to become something more. Way more. I signed into his mouth and met his tongue with mine. He took it and worked all the magic imaginable with it. I ran my index finger on his back playing with the hair as I moved through it. Gently drawing my chest away from his I touched his chest and felt the hard masculine body of an athlete as his fingers went through my hair and in and out of my ears. God, my ears. Marcus broke away from the kiss and took my unbuttoned my shirt. With each button that got loose, I got dropped a kiss on the nose. Finally the shirt was open but he didn’t take it off me. At least not yet. But my vest got thrown away. Cupping me with his right palm he pushed me onto the feathers on the floor and came down on me kissing my neck. My neck and my ears. OH MY GOD! He remembers.

Drawing his face to mine, i noticed the glint of happiness in his eyes and the acknowledgment that I had realized he still knew where to go on my body. We kissed passionately and endlessly. I liked it when he his lips worked on my breasts and it wasn’t until a couple of minutes before I realized my bra had come off. I shifted his weight to his side and got rid of his belt and the zipper. Anticipating what I was about to touch, I cupped him first and when my eyes widened I felt a trickle of liquid drop from my region. I was almost ready. I slipped my hand into his boxers and heard him groan when the tip of my fingers touched the tip of him. I wrapped my fingers around him and did the salt taste testing trick moving my hand up and down. He was growing larger by the second and biting my neck when I touched a soft spot. Feeling he had to return the sweet torture, he slowly moved his hand down my thigh, parted my legs, didn’t even take the pantie off and slid one finger into me. Then two. I arched my back and moaned loudly. The feathers on floor were scattered all over us but they felt soft and added a touch to the mood.

Still, he didn’t think I had suffered enough and wouldn’t go for the kill. My skirt came off and so did his trousers. He laid on top of me and wound his waist on mine. I felt the pressure and pleasure of him on my crutch and wished he would take me. But, no the foreplay had to go on. Who had kissed me this way before? I tried to do a quick headcount. Stop! I rebuked myself. There is no room for that now, you’ve both waited and wondered about this moment forever and now wasn’t the time think about who could do this and who couldn’t. Truth be told I had had sex with a guy and it was so awful five minutes into it that somehow I was remembering some of the economics lessons I had taken in high school. He kissed well but the sex was umm, a total waste of twenty minutes. Girls could really fake it when it came to lots of things relating to this.

I got jolted back to reality as I felt a bid and handsomely long piece of Marcus on the flesh of my thigh. Could I really go through with this? The main thing that kept pulling me back to him was the fact that we had been good together even without the sex. What will happen after this? And what if the sex was just that ‘eh’ that came with a shrug? Why risk this amazing bond over meaningless sex. This isn’t meaningless sex, there’s an amount of emotions attached. A tiny voice in head argued. That voice was partially right. I would let Marcus ride me all night and it would feel just about right. So why was I having these thoughts? A knock came through again. My village gods must really be on my side today. We tried ignoring it for a moment before he remembered he had ordered us some lunch. He told me not to move from my spot.

He put his trousers on quickly and answered the door. He came to pick up his wallet and drew money from it. When he came back, he was holding two take outs which he set on the floor. He moved to the fridge and brought back a bottle of red wine with two glasses. He sat down and uncorked the wine. He poured a bit onto my belly button and sucked it up. I was torn between wondering if he was just being romantic or if he was performing the belly button test. Either way, I liked this game than the pillow fight game. He asked me to sit up and opened our food. Potato chips with cut up sausages. It was quite clever to choose finger foods. Although in his defense, he had made the order before the pillow fight had even started. He picked up a curly fry, dipped it in ketchup and fed it to me. I savored it and licked the ketchup on his fingers as well. Looking at his widening eyes I could only imagine him wondering if his fingers were something else.

The heat was being turned on more than a notch. He fed me a couple more fries. I poured a bit of wine on his abs and licked them dry with my tongue. I moved on top of him completely and landed a kiss on his neck, shoulder, forehead, two on his nose and finally got to the lips. His fingers kept working my body. I drew back a hundred and twenty seconds into the kiss and whispered his name.

Sitting up I said again, ‘Oh, Mark. There is a problem.’

‘Yes dear, I know’, he replied gently. ‘We are both not ready to completely surrender to the other.’

‘Mmm…We want each other but we are scared of it not working out. You feelings for me still run deep and I feel the same too.’

‘Risking it a second time will break me, Anima. I am who I am today because of us. I feel it’s the same for you.’

‘So we keep on with our ‘experiments’ on lab rats till we tire? Remember what it means to have two X chromosomes in our part of the world.’

‘We already understand each other. How about we let the lust out of our systems for a year. By then if we should know. No excuses this time on either part.’

‘Sounds like a plan to me. But first..’ doing hula-hoop waist techniques on him, I inched down slowly and finished off or kiss. One cousin told me she prided herself of always finishing off her guys. Never leave a guy with two toys to play with unless he deserves it, she said. Silly girl, always listening to advice from her western friends. I picked some up myself though. It was from them I learnt what ‘sixty-nine’ was at the age of eleven.

Marcus being the gentleman he was dressed me up before attempting to put his clothes on. My phone rang and I went to the balcony to receive it. I was there for about five minutes.

‘Was that him?’

‘Yes’, I answered knowing what he meant.

‘Let’s have a toast.’ He said, handing me a glass with half full wine.

‘A toast to what?’

‘A toast to the losers who lost us, the ones who is next in line and the lucky ones who will soon follow. But most of all, a toast to us.’

‘I’ll drink to that’. We clinked glasses and took sips eyeing each other through the corners of our eyes.

Loud bangs sounded from the door and we exchanged baffled looks. Whoever it was seemed to have an emergency or was high on marijuana. As soon as he unlocked the door, a young lady in her late teens rushed in and headed straight towards me. You would think from the sight of her estranged look and the obvious fact that a little gossiping bird had informed her Marcus had a girl over that I would take double steps back. She stopped a few centimeters from me and boldly asked me why I was up there in her boyfriend’s room making out with him. She looked so pissed she didn’t realize she was spraying saliva as she spoke.

I wiped the moisture off my face, took a long look at her and said, ‘Well, hello to you too.’

“Young lady!” she snapped, “I don’t know what hell hole you came from but over here we don’t go around kissing guys who are spoken for. You hear me?”

I glanced at Marcus who just shrugged. This girl was full of trash. ‘Obviously, you are in your freshman year. What did you really come here to do? Threaten me? What could you possibly have to say or do to me that hasn’t been done before?’

“So you admit you are a slut? You’ve neither shame nor class.”

‘Not in the least. Slut? No. You’re delusional if you think by coming up here shabbily dressed smelling of the cheap perfume you probably borrowed from your roommate shows some class.’ I cocked my head at an angle and crossed my arms before continuing. ‘You could’ve showered, threw on prettiest dress and some make up and come knocking gently. This is his room, he would definitely answer the door. Then you could surprise him with a kiss. But no, you had to rush over to catch him in an act he hasn’t thought of. And judging from how relaxed he looks right now, you’re probably a one night stand he doesn’t care for. Do yourself a favor and walk out before he says what I think he’s going to say to you.’

Despite being stunned she struggled to hold her composure. “We’ve been together three times, not a one night stand” she retorted.

‘Same thing.’

“So what? You think he likes you better than me and would date someone like you? You’re crazy.”

‘Maybe you’ve not noticed he hasn’t said anything in your defense or offered any apology for my presence here.’ To add a dramatic effect and emphasize my point I glided towards Marcus who was leaning against the door and cupped him. ‘See, he doesn’t care.’

“Marcus? You are going let to her treat me this way?”

Speaking for the first time he said, ‘You and I had a few fun times together. I never asked you to be my girlfriend or say I love you. Come on, don’t do this.’

“I thought you were a gentleman.”

‘I am a gentleman. A gentleman who made it clear that was nothing to what happened between us and you said you understood.’

“Fine. We’re done! And as for you, young lady, you can go to hell!”

Seriously, she hadn’t had enough of me? ‘Been there, done that!’ And by the way, I continued as was halfway through the door, ‘You can’t be done with something that never started!’ She was already out the door when I finished but I am pretty sure she heard me.

I turned to Marcus. ‘Really? A freshman?”

“Why not? They’re just so, you know…?

‘Fresh.’ I finished for him.

“Yeah, exactly.”

‘I’ve to be on my way anyway. Am babysitting my cousin’s son. Am late as it is.’

“Walk with me through campus. If you were that late, am sure she would have called. Or you want to get away from me because of Dzifa?

‘Who’s Dzifa?’ I inquired.

“The girl you just humiliated in my room.”

‘Ah, the freshman. We just made a deal. It doesn’t bother me at all. Your first Volta?’


‘Ok. Now, let’s go downstairs and let me see how I can spend your money for the afternoon.’

“Whatever you want Anima.”

We walked back downstairs amidst casual conversation and laughter here and there. I noticed how most of the locals cast their glance our way. Half an hour into getting those glances I had to ask him if he knew why we were being looked at. He replied in the affirmative and explained that he had never been seen walking around with a lady. It was against one of his ‘rules’. Even those who visited him in his room had to return on their own. He would go as far as his door and if you were closer to him he would see to the porter’s lodge of his hostel. If you ask me it was a funny and weird thing to do. I felt a vibration in my handbag and reached for my phone. Seeing the number, I excused myself and stood a few feet away from him to answer the call. A few minutes after I hang with beaming with smiles.

‘You know the rules right?’ Marcus asked.

‘What are you talking about?’ I asked back.

‘You know fully well what I mean. You can’t get attached to this guy. Whoever he is. I don’t know his name but I know he exists.’

‘He’s really sweet and the bad boy kind. But there’s something different about him that I find myself back in his arms often.’

‘Oh My God! You’ve got to be kidding me. You actually like this guy. What were you thinking making a deal with me?’

‘Dude relax. He and I have chemistry. That doesn’t mean it’s beyond the physical. He’s not even the type I usually go in for so am certain am going to get bored soon and end it.’

‘Good. I can breathe better now.’

‘What were you also thinking? An emotional me all over a guy? Been there, done that. It’s you and I now Marcus.’

I said, taking his hand and lacing my fingers through his. I could feel the tension ease from within hm. Truth is, I was beginning to feel something for this said guy which I didn’t fully comprehend myself. Some part of me wanted to wait it out and see how things developed between us while the other wanted to have all the fun and run before emotions got in the way. Somehow he had managed to get under the skin of Marcus. Was Marcus himself getting emotional like perhaps I was and didn’t want to admit it? I blessed my stars I was good at waiting things out. One day at a time.

We were approaching the tiny alternate entrance to the school. I told him where I was headed so he could stop a taxi going that direction. I saw someone wave in our direction. One of my course mates from school. She walked over and I introduced her to Marcus. She asked if I had come because of the hall week and I told her I was there to visit a few friends, Marcus inclusive. Like always she asked if I had had fun. I confirmed I did to prevent further questions and told her her friends were waiting for her. By then Marcus had also chartered a taxi for and so I went to him and hugged him goodbye until next time.

I heard Marcus whisper something in my ears as we broke away from our embrace but it wasn’t until I sat down in the car that I finally made out what he had said.

‘You mean much more to me than I let on. Don’t get too attached to him.’

I turned in my seat to find that he was already halfway through the gate. Dam his long legs and strides. I signed to myself. Until we meet again Marcus.

The Marcus Chapter

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